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​Support Networks

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Chazkeinu– Chazkeinu provides peer support to all Jewish women and female family members of those who are struggling with any mental illness. Our ‘Chazkeinu Family’ is a safety net of empathetic support that removes isolation and empowers our members.
Chazkeinu Website

Ray of Hope institute- Ray of Hope was created with the intent and desire to support women who are survivors of sexual abuse. At Ray of Hope, we are committed to empowering survivors of sexual abuse and providing them with the resources and assistance necessary to lead productive, wholesome, and fulfilling lives.

Refuat Hanefesh-A supportive community that openly discusses mental health, works to improve our overall well being, and readily comes to the aid of those experiencing mental health challenges.
Refuat Hanefesh Website

Magen Avrohom- Magen Avrohom offers a comprehensive range of services addressing the environmental, social, familial, medical, psychological and educational needs of eating disorder patients.
Magen Avrohom Website

REACH Parenting Programs- REACH offers parenting classes in groups as well as private parenting sessions for couples. They also have a free loan parenting library with many hundreds of books on every topic relevant to parenting todays children.
Mrs. Shainla Greenwald
Phone: (732)-367-4416

OKclarity- OKclarity connects its community members with professionals and other supportive individuals. Whether you’re looking to further develop your physical and emotional well-being, engage with peers who can identify and empathize with your particular struggle, or elicit recommendations, this is the space for you.
OKclarity Website

Supportive Souls- A Zoom support group open to friends and relatives of individuals suffering from serious mental illnesses and disorders including co-occurring disorders, brain disorders, substance abuse and PTSD. 

SoCal Sunrise Mental Health- A resource page dedicated to raising awareness and prevention on mental health issues.  SoCal Sunrise Mental Health raises awareness to the significance of self-harm and the importance for peers and families to recognize if a loved one is struggling. 
SoCal Sunrise Mental Health Website

We understand that finding the right organization can be difficult and it is our goal to provide guidance, support, and direction when faced with challenging situations. That is why, in addition to support networks, our compilation of resources also includes loss and bereavement services, family support, and more.