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Family Support

Contact Information 

Imadi– Provides compassion and understanding to families in need. Assigns a professionally trained volunteer family advocate who will offer ongoing support, guidance and will be the point person to make sure the family’s practical needs are met.
Phone: (732) 905-3020   Ext. 500

Kesher Nafshi- Provides guidance and produces chizuk events for parents whose children are struggling with life-threatening challenges such as: alcohol and drug addiction, depression, suicidal ideation and many other challenges.  
Kesher Nafshi Website

MASK– A non profit organization dedicated to providing services to families with all mental health and addictions issues, including at-risk youth who might otherwise hesitate to seek assistance. MASK is committed to the community by helping parents through life’s challenges. From prevention to perseverance, MASK, through its helpline, referrals, support groups, in/after school programs, and vast array of services gives the guidance needed to ensure emotional wellness in family members. MASK services, in deference to the communities it serves, are offered in a confidential, holistic, and culturally sensitive manner.
MASK Website
Phone: (718) 758-0400

Misaskim’s Project Yedid program reaches out to the orphans and surviving spouse of the recently deceased with a plethora of age-appropriate services, holiday trips, gifts, and, when necessary, crisis intervention and guidance counseling.
Misaskim Website
Phone: 718.854.4548

Mishpachteinu– Lectures, workshops and event for remarried couples and blended families. 
Phone: (845) 682-4981

We understand that finding the right organization can be difficult and it is our goal to provide guidance, support, and direction when faced with challenging situations. That is why, in addition to family support, our compilation of resources also includes parental guidance and support, loss and bereavement services, and more.