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Parental Guidance and Support

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Aish Tamid LA- The Aish Tamid Parent Support Group is a unique opportunity for parents of teens and young adults to discuss relevant family issues, access our parent resource library and find peer support among other parents of young boys in similar situations. The forum is facilitated by a professional therapist in a confidential setting.
Phone:  323-634-0505

Counterforce- CounterForce offers intensive therapy to address problems of family dysfunction, marital discord, adolescent rebellion, aggressive behavior, low self-esteem, and more.
Counterforce Website

Enriched Parenting- Enriched Parenting is particularly focused on informing parents how to promote their children’s lifelong physical and mental health.
Enriched Parenting Website

Parenting with Clarity– Parenting with Clarity is a heart-centered business designed to help parents experience greater joy and create positive, lasting changes in their family.

REACH- The REACH Program is rooted in the Four Cs of Parenting and centers on using compassion to educate parents on the fundamental aspects of what healthy parenting is all about.
REACH Website

The Dina Friedman Academy- In the Chanoch Lnaar Parenting Program, every parenting dilemma is addressed. A powerful and effective discipline program gives parents a systematic way of responding to misbehavior. Most of all, the Chanoch Lnaar Parenting Program brings the joy and success back into the parenting experience.
Dina Friedman Academy Website

Counterforce Parenting Helpline- Unique opportunity for private phone consult with Frum licensed professional.
Counterforce Parenting Helpline Website
Phone: 718-787-4412

We understand that finding the right organization can be difficult and it is our goal to provide guidance, support, and direction when faced with challenging situations. That is why, in addition to parental guidance and support, our compilation of resources also includes family support, drop in centers, loss and bereavement services, and more.