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Education Assistance

Contact Information 

Binyomin Strauss- Provides referrals for boys’ high schools and Yeshivas. 
Phone: (732) 370-2874

EdSmarts- List of educators, mental health professionals, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists and special education resources. Educational products for purchase. 
EdSmarts Website

Gesher L’Yeshivos– Gesher L’Yeshivos
Phone: (917) 692-2702

The GED Program for Mesivta Boys– Friday afternoon and Motzei Shabbos GED/TASC program, which teaches reading, writing and math skills, and allows for an accredited NJ High School Diploma. Facilitated by a NJ Certified Teacher/Skills Coach. 
Phone: (732) 370-7148

Cahal– CAHAL is a yeshiva-based program of self-contained classes for children with learning differences from Kindergarten through High School. CAHAL was organized by local Rabbis, Principals and community leaders who were concerned with the challenges presented by children who were not succeeding in the mainstream yeshiva class, even with resource room or other support.
CAHAL Website
Phone: 516-295-3666

Rabbi Horowitz-Working with Families and Educators on Behalf of our Children
Rabbi Horowitz Website
Phone: (845) 352-7100 Ext. 114

Ptach-Nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide the best possible Jewish and secular education to children who have been disenfranchised because of learning differences. We believe every child has a right to learn. Every child can succeed and should be provided with the opportunity within a regular mainstream setting.
Ptach Website
Phone: (718) 854- 8600 

Yaldei Yisroel- Students who may be precluded from their desired school choice due to academic, social or behavioral issues are assisted with school placement. The program enables the child’s success in their new school by providing mentors, tutors and therapists. 
Yaldei Yisroel Website
Phone: (212) 406-6934

We understand that finding the right organization can be difficult and it is our goal to provide guidance, support, and direction when faced with challenging situations. That is why, in addition to education assistance, our compilation of resources also includes alternative high schools and education, drop in centers, and more.